A Novel by Matthew Kiehl

In the Eyes of Eternity is a high velocity, rhythmic adventure, filled with battle, beauty, awe, love, romance and fear. Taking place 1027 years in the future when every resource on Earth, including her people are controlled by huge, mostly benign, global corporations. Together these corporations have undertaken the largest construction project ever imagined. The Sky Shield promises abundant energy and controlled climate for the suffering planet Earth. The corporations also promise an age of peace to a race who's history has been defined by war. Corporal Jack Sidon, soldier and loyal citizen of the MegaCorp: Saterous Industries, is accidentally immortalized in their latest experimental battle suit. The suit sustains him, repairing his body on a molecular level, and even prevents aging. The accident reveals the corporation's true intentions for the Sky Shield project. The fight for planet Earth begins, as Jack starts a war with eternity.